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Lockdown meetings!
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Our Church


We wouldn’t class ourselves as particularly special people, but we’re a group of people who have encountered the unique person of Jesus Christ.  We (the people - that’s “the church”, properly speaking, not the building) mostly live within a few miles of the building where we meet in Tuckingmill, on the east side of Camborne,...

Our Beliefs


What was originally written here, “we could safely call ourselves a “conservative Evangelical” church, with a commitment to the “Reformed” position”, is rather brief, but accurate.  When the church was originally constituted, back in 1970, it took as its Statement of Faith the Baptist Confession of 1689....

Our Services


Like most churches, we have a regular programme of meetings which are not quite set in stone, but, well ... regular!  On a “normal” Sunday, the pattern is as follows - but we suggest you check our calendar pages for specifics of any particular day, including sermon topics.  See lower down the page about our Guest Services and Cafe Church format meetings.

Now managing a bit of both again!!
Church news:

7th June
For the first time, we've had more people back in the chapel than joining us via Zoom for our "hybrid" Sunday morning meeting.  Will bring evening meetings back to the chapel as soon as we can hereafter - though the final unlocking date of 21st June now seems to be a bit unsure.
Sermons are being recorded separately in both audio and video formats, and posted (with notes, if prepared) HERE each week.  Cafe church (Sunday evenings) and midweek prayer meetings (Thursday) also continuing almost as normal.
Do contact us for the Zoom login details if you'd like to join us!
Website updates


Sermon notes and recordings

(now combined):

7th June

Church magazine: 7th June

Events calendar


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to be taken to our calendar. 

We try to keep this up to date for at least the coming three months.

Hopefully over the next few months most of our meetings in the Chapel will be resumed, but we will still need to remain flexible, and continue to provide access to everything virtually via Zoom as we re-establish ourselves physically on site in Tuckingmill.

Sermons and notes


Sunday mornings:
Our series on Exodus is currently moving a bit more slowly, as we continue to look individually at the Ten Commandments, instead of our more normal chapter-or-so-at-a-time approach.
For the last three months, you can find the recordings and notes HERE.

Sunday evenings:

Mainly following on with further thinking through the morning's sermons.


​Notes for stand-alone Sunday evening meetings, not linked to the morning sermon, can be found HERE.

Safeguarding policy


Click HERE if you would like to see
our policy commitments
to safeguarding youngsters
and vulnerable adults.