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Our Church


We wouldn’t class ourselves as particularly special people, but we’re a group of people who have encountered the unique person of Jesus Christ. We (the people - that’s “the church”, properly speaking, not the building) mostly live within a few miles of the building where we meet in Tuckingmill, on the east side of Camborne, but we’re “the church” whether we’re meeting in the building or in one of our homes, or just out and about living our daily lives.


We come from a variety of backgrounds.  Some have been born and bred in Cornwall, and lived there the whole of their lives.  Some have roots elsewhere but have moved to Cornwall at some time in the past.  Some have returned to Cornwall after years “up-country”.  But we are united in our desire to help one another to experience the new life that is freely available to everyone who puts their trust in Jesus.


Although we have an official system of church membership for those who wish to formalise that mutual commitment, we’re also delighted to welcome anyone to our meetings and our community.  Some are with us regularly, others more occasionally, and others are “just looking”, perhaps coming to our Guest Services, checking out whether this Good News is really as good as it claims to be.


We’ve dedicated other pages in the site so that you can check out in more detail our location, types of meetings, the church calendar, and our beliefs, but we want this "Our Church" section to have a more human face to it all.  So as well as a few pictures, we've also included in this About Us page links to pages.


Do pay us a visit - it would be much better to meet you in person!

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