Our Beliefs


What was originally written here, “we could safely call ourselves a “conservative Evangelical” church, with a commitment to the “Reformed” position”, is rather brief, but accurate.  When the church was originally constituted, back in 1970, it took as its Statement of Faith the Baptist Confession of 1689.  Church officers had to give assent to this Confession in its entirety.  However, there are some minor parts of this Confession that may nowadays appear overly prescriptive.  “The 1689” declares, for example, that the Pope is the Antichrist.  And it does not appear to us necessary to require any prospective church elder or deacon to believe this particular point, or some others of that level, without the slightest reservation.


A revision of this, "We Believe" circulated by the Grace Baptists in 1966, adheres to the same “Reformed” perspective, but seeks to capture more of the spirit of this perspective.


Accordingly, we have modified our Church Rules to mention that, although we will still adhere firmly to the doctrinal position of “the 1689”, we will not stipulate and require of our church leaders the debatable points on secondary issues such as the identity of the Antichrist, the propriety of oaths, or the requisition of fasting before the appointment of elders (to name just a few).


There are also many evangelical organisations, denominations and traditions to whose statements of faith we would be very happy to subscribe, such as those of the UCCF.  Having more recently ourselves affiliated to the FIEC, we are in full agreement with its statement of faith, and with its recent robust endorsement of the orthodox and traditional definition of marriage.


So, yes, “conservative Evangelical” with a commitment to the “Reformed” position - we hope you will accept that as a fair description.  If you want to enquire about anything specific, of course, feel free!