Rendezvous” originated back in the Redruth area in the 1950’s, providing regular and substantial Bible teaching for recent converts from churches less able to provide such teaching themselves.  The original “Redruth Christian Rendezvous” in time renamed itself “West Cornwall Christian Rendezvous”, and aims to serve believers from towns as far apart as Truro and Penzance.

 In the 1990’s, a similar set of meetings was initiated towards the East of the county - fairly obviously, the “East Cornwall Christian Rendezvous”.  Since the meetings are scheduled on successive nights at the end of the month, it often happens that the two meetings share speakers (and travel expenses!).

Since neither of the Rendezvous meetings have set up their own websites, we’ve been happy to place the meeting and contact details on this page of our own site.  More recently a Facebook page for the West Cornwall Rendezvous meetings has been set up, so please click HERE (or below) to be taken to it.  We aren't up to speed with the East Cornwall programme, so you'll need to search elsewhere for that - or possibly contact the people listed below as of 2017.

Information for the West Cornwall Convention has also been transferred to a Facebook page: click HERE (or below).

East Cornwall Christian Rendezvous

The East Cornwall Christian Rendezvous is held on the last Friday of the month, at 7.30, in The Public Rooms, West Street, Liskeard, unless otherwise noted

        - and presumably not during the present national crisis.

For further information, contact:

John Hooper, (01752) 843300

Peter Isaac, (01503) 272586

The West Cornwall Convention is usually held in the Camborne or Redruth area, Monday-Thursday during the first or second week of September.​  Recordings of the 2019 talks follow below, together with an interview with this year's speaker, Dr Chris Sinkinson.  The 2020 WCC was cancelled, but it hoped that the speaker for 2020, Ray Evans, will be available again in 2021.

WCC 2019 Amos 1-3: After the earthquakeChris Sinkinson
00:00 / 47:39
WCC 2019 Amos 4-5: Radical worshipChris Sinkinson
00:00 / 55:20
WCC 2019 Amos 6-8: Prophet and lossChris Sinkinson
00:00 / 55:29
WCC 2019 Amos 9: Home for goodChris Sinkinson
00:00 / 43:35
WCC 2019 Chris Sinkinson interviewChris Sinkinson
00:00 / 05:27