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Sunday meetings

Like most churches, we have a regular programme of meetings which are not quite set in stone, but, well ... regular!  On a “normal” Sunday, the pattern is as follows - but we suggest you check our calendar pages above for specifics of any particular day, including sermon topics.  See lower down the page about our Guest Services and Cafe Church format meetings.
Morning Worship

10.00 - ~11.15: service including Communion.  Crèche provided as required.  We’re delighted for families to attend as families - don’t think that a bit of noise or disruption, just because kids will be kids, will be frowned upon.  We don’t normally have lots of kids regularly attending, so we don’t routinely do “children’s talks”, but it’s fine to bring something suitable so that your kids will remain amused through the service. We usually try to hold Guest Services once a month (see below).

~11.15 - ~11.45:  tea / coffee / biscuits

Sunday School

~11.45 - ~12.15:  “All-age Bible School”: classes for all ages, including a big group for adults, even though, being not a particularly large church, there aren’t many kids in each age group.

During the school summer holidays, we typically have a single family service, starting at 10.00 a.m., and incorporating Communion, but followed only by refreshments - our teachers need their holidays too!


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Evening Meeting (Zoom)

6:30 - ~7.45: We recognise that, with children present in the morning service, and incorporating Communion as part of that service, this is a useful opportunity to meet together to pray and study in a less hurried, more relaxed format (food and drink included). So expect led discussions in these meetings, or talks from the Net, following initial times of open prayer. It is, as we titled a previous series, an opportunity for “All Questions Great and Small”.  We only insist that our search for an answer has to be informed with Biblical rigour.

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