Weekday meetings

The regular meetings of the church are:
a weekly prayer meeting
Treasure Seekers, predominantly aimed at Secondary School age youngsters
Men's reading group
Women's Bible study
Prayer meetings

During "lockdown": 7.00 only, via Zoom (see Calendar for login details).

As the demographics of our church have altered, we've recently had to change from the traditional midweek evening slot for a prayer meeting, to alternating Thursday mornings (10.45 - 12.00) and evenings (7.30-9.00).

On some first-Thursday-of-the-month summer evenings we may meet in a home to pray, instead.  Or, quarterly, we join together with some of the other evangelical churches in the area to pray together, these usually being on the first Wednesday of the month.

Towards the end of the month, we will normally have a prayer meeting particularly concerned with mission work, and will feature the Grace Baptist Mission supporters' video.

Several times a year, we pray particularly for the persecuted church around the world.

But generally, although we try to give most of these meetings some particular focus, there will usually be time for people to share - and for others then to pray for - what may be on their hearts about the world, the nation, the church, or their own lives, good things to rejoice in together, and more challenging things to bring to God in prayer. 

Treasure Seekers

During "lockdown": rather variable

Now predominantly pitched at secondary school age youngsters, this meets on Tuesday evenings, fortnightly or thereabouts, during school term time.  See our Calendar pages to check out dates if you’re interested.

While there is still plenty of room for more to come, there are normally enough of them present to make it worthwhile organising a variety of activities.  Of course, we want to make some time for some Bible teaching, as we are not intending simply to act as yet another child-minding service.  But there is sufficient time, between the 5.45 start and the 7.15 or so finish, to add in some other crafts or games.

We also offer the occasional family film night, often on a Friday evening.  Not necessarily “Christian” films, but simply something that - we hope - both parents and children will be happy to turn up for, simply enjoying some wholesome family time together.

We would love to put pictures of the activities up here too, showing you just how the youngsters enjoy joining in, but current child-protection sensitivities suggest that this probably would not be too clever a move.  Sorry!

Men's reading group
Ladies' Bible study

During "lockdown": Men's reading group is at 10.00, and Ladies' Bible Study at 2.00, every other Monday,  via Zoom (see Calendar for login details).

10.00 - 11.15, first Monday of the month

Men's reading group


Sometimes half a dozen of us meet up once a month in a local venue to discuss a section of a book we have been reading.  The conversation may on some occasions be tightly focused on what we have read, and at other times the discussion ranges very freely.  But the bottom-line intention is the same: to grow in grace as disciples of Jesus Christ.  And what have we just read - or what ideas has that sparked off - that will help us to do that better?

We initially started, several years back, with a classic book, John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.  We then moved onto Krish Kandiah's

Paradoxology and Mark Dever's The Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.  After reading the first half of C S Lewis' Screwtape Letters, the group is currently working on Bible studies in 1 Corinthians.

And at the same time, the ...

Ladies' Bible study

... will be meeting at the chapel,  typically working through a study book, such as one of the ones available at The Good Book Company.